MediaCom To Track Emotions: Integrate Into Content, Media Planning

GroupM’s MediaCom unit has struck a deal with biometric tracking firm Realeyes that will incorporate emotional measurement of consumers into its content testing and media planning.

MediaCom claims the deal is a first of its kind of a media shop, and that it will give the agency a proprietary advantage in assessing the “emotional power of every piece of video content it briefs media/production partners to make or create in-house.”

By ensuring the content resonates with consumers and that they are connecting with its clients’ messages, MediaCom said the technology will ensure it is reaching the “most receptive audience segments” with its campaigns.

Realeyes is a leading player in a new cottage industry of so-called neuromarketing firms that utilize biometric measurement such as eye-tracking and facial coding to determine users’ emotional responses to content on screens, including advertising and other forms of content marketing.

MediaCom said Realeyes can develop its method for any form of video content via any webcam and that it will be integrated into the agency’s central content hub, giving producers and planners the ability to factor emotion analytics into their strategies and recommendations.

Significantly, the agency said the data will also help it benchmark content against previous campaigns to improve results over time.


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